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Dear guests and friends of the Hotel Belvedere

The Hotel Belvedere was a home far from home for visitors from all over the world. I was a home for mountain lovers, for mountaineers, for skiers, for adventurers, for dreamers. A lot of people met each other, a lot a chats where held in the lobby and a lot of great moments where lived insides its walls. Moments for live, moments forever. From today on the Belvedere will still keep bein alive, but only on the pictures and in our minds.

Short in time it will be teard down and on the same place will born a new house full of warmth, hearthness and empathy which will fuse with Kolfuschgerhof to a new, relaxing, modern structure. After a long period of preparation and even of this sad moment for all of us, in our family we tooked the decision to start the adventure and try to be positive for the next future. We stick together and work hard to complete this dream. The “new” Belvedere alias Kolfuschgerhof will open the gates for the upcoming winter season and wait for new adventures and memories to be made.

Thank you all and stay safe and healthy.